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Use the command /admin in our Slack workspace.

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We’re always looking for partners and sponsors to help move our mission forward! We can help promote your event to a Latinx audience, find volunteers for different activities, or design programs together that can benefit the community.

We are looking for speakers, locations for our events, those who can sponsors programs for our members, food, services, merchandise and we’re open to other partnering ideas.

In return, we can provide a spotlight for your organization in our events and networks.

You can email us at, or use the contact feature in our Meetup group.

Meet Us In Person

We usually host an event per month, so you are also welcome to connect with us at our various panels and talks in-person.

See our Communities page for links to our social media groups and to keep informed on what we’re doing.

We also like to help other groups with their events and ideas.

Connect and share what you’re working on with us!


We’re always listening to your feedback and ready to help in any way we can.

Use the command /admin in the Slack workspace to get in touch with us the quicker, or send us an email to

If you need an invitation to Slack, request it on our Slack welcome page.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

You can contact us and we can talk about the different ways you can support our growing community of Latinx in Tech.

You can also support Techqueria's efforts by becoming an ongoing patron via Patreon.



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Any help is greatly appreciated. 😊